tremoflo® C-100

The tremoflo® C-100 Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) measures lung function quickly and easily.
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What makes the tremoflo® C-100 stand out?
Portable: Oscillometry where you need it
The tremoflo® C-100 Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) is compact, handheld, and portable.
The tremoflo® C-100 software is user-friendly
The tremoflo® C-100 software can run on any standard desktop, laptop, or tablet and has an interface designed to support optimal workflow.
The tremoflo® C-100 is patient-friendly
The tremoflo® C-100 can easily be used in a wide spectrum of patients, from preschool children (4+ years) to elderly patients.
Obtain accurate data on respiratory mechanics
The tremoflo® C-100 readily measures all standard Oscillometry parameters, including R₅, R₅₋₂₀, X₅, fᵣₑₛ, and AX.
Measure highly obstructed patients
The tremoflo® C-100 can obtain accurate data that reflect both large and small airway function, even in highly obstructed patients.
The tremoflo® C-100 measures respiratory function related to small airways
The tremoflo® C-100 is sensitive to changes in the small airways that can go undetected by other modalities.
Test patients in less than five minutes
The tremoflo® C-100 produces measurements quickly. A complete test, including three repetitions and report generation, is possible in a couple of minutes.
The tremoflo® C-100 requires minimal patient effort
Unlike Spirometry, which requires forced expiration, measurements from the tremoflo® C-100 can be obtained during normal quiet breathing.
Data & analytics

Discover how investigators have used the tremoflo® C-100 AOS technology in respirology research

The articles include uses of tremoflo® products or describe research devices that may not have been cleared by FDA.

Discover a use case

Airwave oscillometry detects spirometric-silent episodes of acute cellular rejection

Access the abstract and full text of this 2020 study by Cho et al. in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.
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Airwave oscillometry and patient-reported outcomes in persistent asthma

Access the abstract and full text of this 2020 study by Kuo and Lipworth in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.
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Feasibility and reproducibility of Oscillometry for measuring respiratory function in young children: the SEPAGES cohort

Access the abstract of this 2020 study by Bayat et al. presented at the 2020 European Respiratory Journal International Congress.
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Bronchodilator response assessed by the forced oscillation technique identifies poor asthma control with greater sensitivity than spirometry

Access the abstract and full text of this 2020 study by Cottee et al. in Chest
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AOS: how it works
Airwave Oscillometry System
The tremoflo® Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) has revolutionized the Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) by using a vibrating mesh to superimpose a gentle oscillatory pressure and flow wave onto the patient’s spontaneous breathing to measure respiratory impedance as lung resistance (R) and reactance (X). The resulting waveforms from the tremoflo® AOS provide measurements of the mechanical properties of the large central and smaller peripheral airways. This unique information is clinically valuable and complementary to Spirometry.

Watch the video below for a quick demo on how to use the tremoflo® AOS.
See what the experts have to say

“In a survey conducted at 3 months after lung transplant [...] patients reported a significantly higher satisfaction with Oscillometry compared with Spirometry and found Oscillometry to be significantly easier to perform than spirometry.”

Cho et al.
2020, Am J Respir Crit Care Med

“Oscillometry is feasible, responsive, and safe in children with acute asthma exacerbations in the Emergency Department.”

Navanandan et al.
2020, ACAAI

“FOT is useful either when added to spirometry providing complementary mechanical information or when spirometry cannot be measured, such as during the current COVID-19 pandemic”.

Cottee et al.
2021, APSR

"Unlike spirometry, a forced maneuver that requires patient cooperation (5, 6), oscillometry is conducted during normal breathing and requires minimal patient cooperation."

Cho et al.
2020, Am J Respir Crit Care Med
Airwave Oscillometry in the literature

See how researchers have used the tremoflo® in numerous scientific studies around the world.

The articles include uses of tremoflo® products or describe research devices that may not have been cleared by FDA

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