tremoflo® accessories

Learn more about the parts and accessories compatible with the tremoflo® Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS).
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Support arm

The tremoflo® support arm creates an even safer and more efficient environment for AOS testing by facilitating hands-free testing at a distance. Complementing the portability of the tremoflo® AOS, the flexible support arm features a portable, ergonomic design and is easy to install in any clinical or investigational setting.

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Test Loads

Each tremoflo® Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) is factory calibrated for accuracy and designed for long-term stability. Nonetheless, to ensure accurate measurements each day of use, a quick daily calibration verification is needed. The calibration check requires the use of a test load, available from Thorasys.

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Nose clip

In order for the tremoflo® to produce accurate measurements, a single-use nose clip is needed to ensure that the patient breathes through their mouth.

Single use nose clips are available from THORASYS

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Carrying case

The tremoflo® was designed to be compact for maximum portability. THORASYS offers a sleek carrying case to enable clinicians and researchers to easily transport their tremoflo® device between clinical and investigational settings.

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Bacterial/viral filters

The tremoflo® is designed for use with specific types of single-use bacterial/viral filters. Our clearflo™ F-100 filters provide for sanitary conditions during use, while still providing accurate measurements.

Single-use clearflo™ F-100 filters are available from THORASYS.

Superior protection
clearflo™ F-100 filters minimize cross-contamination and infection. Moreover, these attributes combined with the technology of Oscillometry, which requires only quiet tidal breathing during a test, reduce the risk of aerosol generation. The tremoflo® incorporating the clearflo™ F-100 has been safely used during the COVID-19 pandemic in PFT labs around the world.
Efficient filtration
clearflo™ F-100 filters are made from advanced material that provides electrostatic and mechanical filtration even at high flow rates.
Ergonomic design
The clearflo™ F-100 mouthpiece was developed with patients in mind—its ergonomic design makes testing comfortable for patients.
Accurate measurements
The clearflo™ F-100 mouthpiece is designed for patient comfort and to minimise leaks
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