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How does THORASYS fit into your clinical practice?

Accessible and accurate lung testing

At THORASYS, we develop innovative pulmonary assessments to bring to the market. This allows us to offer simple and accessible testing to every patient, along with deeper insights that are accurate and easy to interpret.

Dedication to improving quality of life

We strive to improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory diseases by making lung function assessments as quick and easy to perform as measuring blood pressure.

Trust built through collaboration

A decade of collaboration has established THORASYS as a trusted associate amongst healthcare professionals. We value that trust and pledge to continue spending countless hours with physicians, respiratory therapists, and assisting staff to better understand their reality so that we can strive to develop technology that meets their needs.

Oscillometry reimbursement codes

Many regional health jurisdictions in various countries already have reimbursement codes for Oscillometry, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly see returns on their investment in THORASYS technology.

Smooth integration into existing infrastructure

Our technology is utilized in hospitals and clinics worldwide to support the evaluation of patients with respiratory conditions. We have integrated our devices and software into existing pulmonary function test (PFT) in collaboration with OEM suites for a seamless patient experience.
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Meet Carol Artico

Carol Artico is an experienced Montreal-based respiratory therapist. Hear her share her experience using the tremoflo® C-100 to monitor and care for adult and pediatric patients with respiratory conditions in hospital and outpatient clinic settings.

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Why choose THORASYS for your clinical practice?

Portable: Oscillometry where you need it
The tremoflo® C-100 Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) is compact, handheld, and portable, which makes it easy to transport anywhere, from a physician’s office to a patient’s bedside.
The tremoflo® C-100 measures respiratory function related to small airways
The tremoflo® C-100 is sensitive to changes in the small airways that can go undetected by other modalities. The data obtained from the tremoflo® C-100 can help you monitor lung function changes in your patients affected by diseases in the small airway.
The tremoflo® C-100 is patient-friendly
The tremoflo® C-100 can be used in a wide spectrum of patients, from preschool children (4+ years) to the elderly. The ability to use the tremoflo® C-100 for such a vast patient population will simplify your clinical care.
The tremoflo® C-100 requires minimal patient effort
Unlike Spirometry, which requires forced expiration, measurements from the tremoflo® C-100 can be obtained during normal quiet breathing. This allows pulmonary function data to be collected from patient populations where Spirometry is contraindicated and/or difficult to administer, such as in pediatric patients.
Measure highly obstructed patients
The tremoflo® C-100 can obtain accurate data that reflect both large and small airway function, even in highly obstructed patients.
Test patients in a few minutes
By providing measurements quickly, the tremoflo® C-100 is highly practical for busy clinicians. A complete test, including three repetitions and report generation, is possible in just a few minutes.

Support every step of the way

Peace of mind

Our services provide peace of mind. We offer maintenance packages that ensure your THORASYS products always run smoothly, avoiding any downtime during your busy schedule.
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Onboarding support

We make sure you have all the support you need to get onboarded with our technology. Should you have a question or concern, our technical support team is available to provide you with assistance at your convenience.
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Quality assurance

THORASYS understands the importance of training when it comes to pulmonary testing. We offer comprehensive training materials for clinicians with any level of experience with Oscillometry. We also provide 24/7 access to complementary training materials through our myTHORASYS platform.
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