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    How does oscillometry compare with spirometry?
    Airwave Oscillometry

    Despite the wide acceptance of spirometry in clinical usage, there are a number of obstacles and shortcomings surrounding its use for patient assessment and diagnosis. Oscillometry, in contrast, assesses the patient’s pulmonary function during quiet, tidal breathing with no patient effort required, by superimposing a gentle, multi-frequency oscillation on top of the patient’s natural breathing.

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    tremoflo Benefits
    Tidal Breathing
    No forced expiration.
    Respiratory Mechanics
    Info related to small airways.
    Fast & Easy
    Test in a few minutes.
    Adult & Pediatric
    Normative values provided.
    Intra-Breath Analysis
    Pattern & Time-Course.
    Easy Daily Calibration
    Less than 30sec.
    Compact & Portable
    Weighs only 700 g.
    Pre/Post Testing
    Automated Workflows.
    Actual tremoflo Data
    A simple green-to-red gauge scale clearly shows whether patients fall within or outside normative values that are available for pediatrics and adults.
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    Pre/Post Test Asthma Patient
    COPD Patient
    tremoflo measurements are fast & easy for your patients
    Tidal breathing, no effort required
    right in your office.
    Oscillometry offers “an in-office tool that can assess peripheral airway impairment even in young children and may detect airway obstruction earlier than spirometry.”
    Galant et al., AAAAI 2017
    “Monitoring small airway function by [Oscillometry] can be useful in identifying patients who are at risk for losing asthma control, and in assisting with clinical decisions and treatment plans.”
    Bickel et al., Chest 2014
    “In studies that use both [oscillometry] and spirometry, [oscillometry] is more useful than spirometry in children in differentiating asthma from healthy cohorts”
    Galant et al., AAAAI 2017
    Oscillometry “has been found to be useful in measuring response to bronchodilators, such as salbutamol and ipratropium, in patients with asthma and COPD.”
    Bickel et al., Chest 2014
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