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For replacement of our FOT device we compared some devices. Special focus was on the feasability in children.


We compared our old Jaeger IOS with the new Vyntus IOS (Carefusion) and the Tremoflo FOT (Thorasys) in healthy adult subjects (16). In healthy children (8), children that were admitted for reversibility testing (15) and COPD patients (15) we compared Tremoflo and Vyntus. R5, X5, AX and Fres were evaluated.


For R5 there were no significant differences between all devices and in all groups. For X5 more negative values (29-55%) were found for Tremoflo compared to Vyntus in all groups (P<0.02) but for healthy children (P=0.14, small group). AX was larger for Tremoflo than for Vyntus (44-123%) in all groups (P<0.004) except for healthy kids (P=0.06). Fres was also higher for Tremoflo (6-28%) in all groups (P<0.016). In healthy subjects we compared Vyntus with and without filter and found significantly higher values for R5 (18%) with filter (P<0.001) and comparable values for all other parameters. R5 values for Jaeger IOS (no filter possible) were in between those of Vyntus IOS with and without filter. Measuring without filter is not possible for Tremoflo.

Most subjects preferred Tremoflo over IOS, especially the children (94%). The Vyntus IOS uses smaller pulses than Jaeger IOS and we obtained good measurements in all children, even in the very young (2 y). Technicians preferred Vyntus IOS software.


R5 values were comparable in all groups. X5 values were more negative with Tremoflo compared to both IOS devices. Consequently AX en Fres were larger for Tremoflo. Filter correction is an issue for Vyntus IOS. Repeatable results could be obtained in children with TremFlo and Vyntus IOS.

The articles include uses of tremoflo products or describes research devices that may not have been cleared by FDA

Put W, Baars J, van der Grinten CPM. Comparing 3 forced oscillation devices in different subject groups. Eur Respir J [Internet]. 2016 Sep 1;48(suppl 60):PA3613

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