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•Asthma is an inflammatory pathology and the treatment is focused in the control of symptoms and exacerbations prevention.

•This manuscript presents the first evidence of extra-fine particle benefit in Mexican asthmatic population.

•This retrospective analysis reinforces the concept of maintenance treatment focused on inflammation background of the disease and the need of bronchodilator effect also in Mexican population.


Asthma, an inflammatory disease affecting more than 300 million patients in the world. Small airways are by far bigger than the large airway's one and constitutes the area most affected by asthma. Reaching the small airways represents a challenge for treatments because of the dimensions and structure of the bronchial lumen. Inhaled extrafine (ExF) combinations are needed to reach and treat them. This study aimed to assess the effect of extrafine Beclometasone dipropionate/Formoterol fumarate (BDP/FF) in the control of symptoms, lung function and lung inflammation in patients with asthma.


Retrospective study, carried out in 62 Mexican patients diagnosed with asthma and treated with two inhalations twice daily of ExF BDP/FF 100/6 μg (via pMDI) and with an Asthma Control Test (ACT) score ≤19 points. Moreover, from patient's files, we analysed ACT score, Impulse Oscillometry (IOS) and Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) both from their first consultation (baseline) and after one month of therapy.


BDP/FF 100/6 μg ExF showed that ACT, 79% of patients achieved control of disease (ACT ≥ 20 points) and 14.5% of patients achieved total control of the disease (ACT = 25 points); Oscillometry values R5- R20 diminished by 41%, X5 by 18.1% and AX by 56.5% and FeNO decreased by 52% after one month of treatment.


BDP/FF 100/6 μg extrafine improved asthma control after one month of treatment, and this was sustained for 3 months. Likewise, both the lung function, measured by IOS and inflammatory state, measured by FeNO, also significantly improved.

Mots clés
Asthma, ACT, IOS, FENO, Small airways, Extrafine particles

Díaz-García R, Flores-Ramírez G, Ramírez-Oseguera RT. Effect of extrafine formulation of BDP/FF inhaler on asthma control, small airway function and airway inflammation among Mexican asthmatic patients. A retrospective analysis. Respir Med. 2020:105932.

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