Comparing lung oscillometry with a novel, portable flow interrupter device to measure lung mechanics

May 5, 2021 / in Scientific articles / by Eve-Gabrielle Bissonnette

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Lennart K.A Lundblad, Nicolas Blouin, Oleg Grudin, Lyudmila Grudina, Guy Drapeau, Natalia Restrepo, and Francine M. Ducharme


In the community setting, assessing spirometry in school-aged children is often limited by the unavailability of respirology technicians at the point-of-care. We developed a new technique called the Rapid Expiratory Occlusion Method (REOM) which measures respiratory resistance during normal breathing, without specialized training.


The aim was to examine the concordance between respiratory resistance measured with the REOM with that measured by oscillometry on the tremoflo.


Children aged 6 to 17 years, with or without asthma, received respiratory resistance testing on the tremoflo, then on the REOM. Three to five replicates with a coefficient of variation ≤15% were obtained on each instrument; the primary outcome was the concordance between the average respiratory resistance on the REOM with that measured at 5 Hz (R5) on the tremoflo. Thirty-two children (11 girls; 21 boys) were enrolled with a mean age of 11.2 (range 6-17) years; after excluding 2 children not meeting reproducibility criteria, 9 healthy controls, 15 controlled asthmatics, and 6 poorly controlled asthmatics were included.


Resistance measured on the REOM showed a strong correlation with R5 measured on the tremoflo (p<0.0001) with no significant differences on the Bland-Altman analyses. Children and their parents found the REOM easy to use and would consider for home use if recommended by their doctor.


With the high concordance between resistance values measured on the REOM and that on the tremoflo combined with perceived ease of use, the REOM appears as a promising means for measuring lung function, thus supporting further testing of other psychometric properties.

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