Beyond Spirometry: Why Oscillometry may be the key to Pre-COPD.

November 30, 2021 / in Scientific articles / by Eve-Gabrielle Bissonnette

Can oscillometry identify COVID-19 patients at risk of pneumonia before they exacerbate?

Dr Thomas F. Schuessler, Ph.D., and Dr. Lennart Lundblad, Ph.D.

Why we should try to find out – and maybe make an important difference in managing the response to this global outbreak.

COVID-19 Exacerbations Threaten to clog Healthcare systems

According to the WHO, 19% of covid-19 patients develop severe symptoms that require hospitalization and may lead to life-threatening pneumonia.

Presumably, these exacerbations happen in those patients where the infection manages to penetrate deep into the lungs and starts to affect the small peripheral airways.

Spotting these cases early, even before the onset of severe symptoms, might allow earlier interventions that may help limit the severity of exacerbation, keep patients out of the hospital, ease the burden on the healthcare system and reduce mortality rates. […]

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