Airwave Oscillometry in the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory disease [webinar]

July 16, 2020 / in Scientific articles / by Eve-Gabrielle Bissonnette

Learn how Airwave Oscillometry can help your practice in the assessment of respiratory disease

with Brian Lipworth, MD and Clinical Professor at the University of Dundee


Current guidance from the BTS/ARTP outlines a range of considerations to be taken when conducting lung function tests, due to the risk of virus transmission. One consideration is to reduce the risk of inducing coughing, using relaxed rather than forced manoeuvres.

Oscillometry performed with tidal breathing, has emerged as a useful diagnostic tool that has been shown to be highly sensitive to small airway disease and peripheral lung function.

corporate photo of Brian Lipworth MD

Subjects covered during this webinar :


  • 1. What is Airwave Oscillometry?


  • 2. Using Airwave Oscillometry with asthma


  • 3. Using Airwave Oscillometry with COPD


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