Monitoring lung transplant patients with Airwave Oscillometry [Webinar]

December 4, 2020 / in Scientific articles / by Eve-Gabrielle Bissonnette

Discover how Airwave Oscillometry monitor lung function parameters in patients after a lung transplant

with Chung Wai Chow, MD, PhD, FRCPC and professor at the University of Toronto, and Lennart Lundblad, PhD, professor at McGill University and Director of Clinical Science at Thorasys

Are you aware that Airwave Oscillometry has been shown to be more sensitive than spirometry in detecting changes in lung function related to lung transplants results?


Subjects covered during this webinar :

1.The role of Oscillometry in lung transplant monitoring

2. The sensitivity of Oscillometry in detecting acute rejection in a lung transplant patient


Chung Chai Chow speaking a conference

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