Our Mission

Thorasys was born out of the desire to improve the quality of life of patients with respiratory diseases by offering innovative technology for pulmonary assessment. We develop state-of-the-art devices that are accessible, accurate, simple to operate and require no effort from the patients to guide doctors in their decision-making.

Our Expertise

Thanks to our experienced team we have world leading expertise in the respiratory field. Thorasys designs devices at the cutting edge of technology that are innovative, portable, easy to use and adapted to the reality of patients. Our devices help with monitoring of respiratory function in patients with and without disease.

Our Vision

We want to make pulmonary assessment tests as fast and easy as taking a patient’s blood pressure. Furthermore, we want to give patients the autonomy to understand the daily state of their health as well as the possibility of connecting quickly with their doctor to better manage their healthcare.

Our Team

Thomas Schuessler


Yvan Beaudoin


Guy Drapeau
VP of Research & Development


Lennart Lundblad
Director of Clinical Science


Stéphanie Laforest

Stéphanie Laforest
VP Operations and Strategy